Leverage our expertise for accurate startup valuation, preparing for funding rounds, and finding the right investors. We represent you in investor pitches, boosting your chances for successful funding.

Key Solutions & Benefits

Startups often struggle with accurate valuation, preparation for funding rounds, and finding the right investors. StartUpLift provides expert valuation, robust consultancy for funding preparation, and an extensive network for VC matching. The benefits are maximized funding potential and minimized equity dilution

Our success in numbers

In the past years, we helped NN startups raise $NNM+ in funding

Proven process overview

While 30% of software outsourcing projects fall short and 15% fail, Sourcellite counteracts these odds through streamlined processes, technical expertise, focused communication, and robust IP protection

Vision Alignment and Valuation

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your startup’s mission, vision, business model, product, and market. Based on that we make a deep valuation assessment where we examine financials, market size, growth potential, and competitive landscape. We value partnership and confidentiality, assuring by NDA that we are committed to your growth and your ideas are safe with us

Funding Round Preparation and Pitch Perfection

Our team works alongside you to prepare for funding rounds by creating investor-friendly presentations, business plans, and financial projections. To effectively communicate your vision and business value we provide pitch practice sessions

Startup-VC Matchmaking and Representation

Leveraging our extensive network, we match your startup with venture capitalists and investors who align with your vision and market sector. We represent your startup in investor meetings, pitching your ideas and negotiating favorable terms on your behalf

Legal Assistance and Deal Closure

Our expertise extends to legal matters. We guide startups through the process of finalizing deals, ensuring legal compliance, and facilitating a smooth funds transfer

Partnership in Tech and Business Development and Forecasting

As your partner in tech development, we assign the best-suited developers from our team to your project and guarantee replacement within a month’s notice if needed.Being your business satellite represents a startup in investor meetings to pitch your ideas and negotiate terms to get the best deal for you.Before contract signing, we provide detailed forecasts of development cycles, including timelines for MVP/ other milestones

Kickstart Development and Long-term Support

Once the contract is signed, we initiate the development process within a maximum of three months. Importantly, our support continues even after funding is secured. We monitor your startup’s progress and provide ongoing assistance to navigate future challenges both for your tech and business success

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