We help you scale your team, establish delivery centers, and set up dedicated teams.

Key Solutions & Benefits

Businesses face challenges such as being short-staffed, having high turnover rates or needing to fill seasonal spikes on demand. Sourcellite is there to handle all or part of your IT operations, helping to cut your Time-To-Market. The solution could be efficient team scaling, hassle-free delivery center setup, and easy dedicated team formation; you can choose the model you need

Our success in numbers

  1. 2 to 8 IT Specialists provided to NN companies
  2. NN Delivery Centers established
  3. 3 teams working as an extension of your company’s in-house teams

Proven process overview

Needs Assessment & Understanding Requirements

We clarify your business goals and requirements to identify the necessary skills, expertise, and suitable IT solutions for the outstaffed team

Talent Acquisition & Team Formation

Through rigorous screening and selection processes, we identify the best candidates from our pool of 2000+ IT specialists and assemble a dedicated team

Legal Setup & Onboarding

We ensure a solid legal foundation through contracts and NDAs, followed by comprehensive onboarding for seamless integration into your processes and culture

Project Management & Execution

We develop a detailed project plan and implement IT solutions seamlessly, maintaining regular communication for efficient alignment with your goals

Quality Control & Continuous Improvement

We set up KPIs to track team performance and regularly review these metrics for improvement. This process includes ongoing support, maintenance, feedback sessions, and training for optimal performance

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