Benefit from our business, product, and tech consultancy services that help drive your company’s growth and innovation

Business Consultancy

Providing expert advice on business strategy and operations.

Product Consultancy

Assisting in product design, development, and market strategy.

Tech Consultancy

Guiding you on leveraging technology effectively to achieve your business goals.


We take care of the full development cycle, from management to actual development, allowing you to focus on your business objectives

Full Cycle Management

Overseeing the entire development cycle, managing from the planning stage  to full implementation.

Cost-Effective Development

Ensuring cost-effective and high-quality software development introducing our PM process settings.


We help you scale your team, establish delivery centers, and set up dedicated teams.

Team Scaling

Assisting in rapid and efficient team scaling.

Delivery Center

Establishment and management of effective delivery centers.

Dedicated Teams

Formation and support of dedicated teams tailored to your project needs.


Get access to pre-vetted startups to reduce the time and risk associated with sourcing potential startup investments.

Pre-vetted Startups

Providing curated lists of startups that perfectly align with your investment interests.

Tech Partnership

Serving as the main tech development partner to ensure product vision alignment.


Leverage our expertise for accurate startup valuation, preparing for funding rounds, and finding the right investors. We represent you in investor pitches, boosting your chances for successful funding.

Expert Valuation

Accurate startup valuation and favorable term negotiation.

Funding Preparation

Robust consultancy for preparing for funding rounds.

VC Matching

Extensive network for matching with the right venture capitalists.

Pitch Representation

Representing startups in pitching to investors.