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Achieve a 30% productivity boost with our adaptive outsourcing.

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Outstaffing Made Effortless

Reduce recruitment time by 70% with Sourcellite’s expertise.

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Senior Devs On-Demand

Receive a curated list of top-tier candidates in days.

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Full-Spectrum IT Consultancy

From requirement analysis to deployment, experience comprehensive guidance.

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Investor and StartUp Matchmakers

Connect with the ideal investors through our strategic VC matchmaking.

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our mission and values

Hey, we are Sourcellite

Mission: We empower those who want to leave a mark in the business universe.

Vision: To reshape the global IT landscape by forging dynamic, client-centered partnerships, and creating exceptional IT products that drive extraordinary growth and transform the world for the better


Placing our clients at the heart of everything we do, fostering long-term partnerships that focus on their needs and goals


Pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities to provide cutting-edge IT solutions that keep our clients ahead of the competition


Delivering exceptional results and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of our work


Ensuring open, honest communication and fostering trust by keeping our clients involved throughout the project lifecycle


Promoting a culture of teamwork and collaboration within our company and with our clients to achieve outstanding results


Accurate Startup Valuation

StartUpLift service maximizes funding potential by mitigating the challenges of valuation and equity dilution mitigates the challenge with valuation and equity dilution, maximizing funding potential

Venture Capitalist Matching

Utilize our network and pitch preparation aid to  simplify the process and  find your perfect investor match

Investment Sourcing Efficiency

VentureAid Service to streamline the process for VCs, providing pre-vetted, portfolio-aligned startups

Coherent Tech Development

We ensure a coherent product vision and help align the startup’s mission with investor expectations

Our Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

Expert Valuation

Accurate startup valuation and favorable term negotiation

Funding Preparation

Robust consultancy for preparing for funding rounds

VC Matching

Extensive network for matching with the right venture capitalists

Pitch Representation

Representing startups in pitching to investors


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